Monday, 28 April 2008

Success and Sunburn!

This weekend we were at an agility show in Newbury, Berkshire, run by the WBSDS (working belgian shepherd dog society) so lots of Belgians there all turning out to support the club - its nice to see so many. Also, apart from a 5 minute rain shower on Sunday where we managed to hide in one of the score tents and stayed dry, the weather was excellent, managed to get a bit sun burned on my shoulders and face, it was a bit windy, apparently it always is at Newbury, but it was warm and sunny and dry, so very pleased about that.
While I remember, have a nosey around the blogs that I have put on here under Friends Pages, all of them are to do with dogs (which probably isnt much of a surprise), most of them are to do with agility (ooh shock horror lol!), lots of them are Belgian pages (biased of course but there are others too), and I've added some new links recently too.

We had eight runs over the weekend, seven of which were rubbish, mainly thanks to me as usual, a couple of E's and poles down in others. But to overshadow those results, our very first run of the day on Saturday morning we went clear in! It was a Combined Grades 1-2 Jumping class, Kiah and I ran it it in 22.50 seconds and ended up with 2nd place and Best BSD of the class, so two lovely rosettes and a great trophy too. The picture shows Kiah with her trophy, Best BSD rosette on the left and 2nd place rosette on the right. I really have noticed how much Kiah has improved and matured even just over the last couple of months, still as mad and fast as ever, but I wouldn't change her for anything, I am SO proud of her!

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