Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bad Blogger - but lots of good news!

Apologies, I haven't updated my blog in absolutely ages, I have no excuses... But anyway I have news and its all good :)

Well the important thing is, the agility show season has started up good and proper, with the most extreme weather conditions! The first show was local, and on both days we had snow, wind, rain, hail, sleet...nice! Fortunately the fab show committee managed to move most of the show inside and so it carried on! The second show was this weekend, a further drive but on Sunday it was sunny and warm I was just in a t shirt, crazy weather but I'm not complaining!

Anyway my good news! Kiah pups and me got our first clear round at the first show (in the snow I might add!) in Helter Skelter jumping - we ended up with 2nd place and a lovely trophy and rosette - see the picture!! I am so proud of her! Oh and because it was an Easter show I got a chocolate easter egg too (that's long gone!) and though Kiah didnt share that I bought her a pigs ear instead!!

At the second show I was very proud of her too, there were two rounds where she just had one pole down in each class and she would have won both. She really has matured so much from when we started, but she is still mad and its great! We have another show this weekend so both Kiah and I get to see our dog and human friends... I'll let you know how it goes! Hopefully a bit sooner than last time!!

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