Sunday, 6 April 2008

Our Weekend - and the SNOW!

Well we have had an extremely busy weekend - starting from getting up at 2am on Saturday morning, to getting back at about 8.30pm this evening! Kiah and I had an agility show all day on Saturday, we didnt get any clear rounds but again she was running fabulously - I must remember not to say 'go on' too much to her other wise I just make her go even faster!

Today we had a breed show where Kiah came 3rd out of 4 dogs in her class, looking beautiful as ever, though I think a little tired from travelling in between the agility show and this one. The big surprise though was the snow - I haven't seen 'proper' snow in years and this was at least 4-5 inches deep! So exciting - I think maybe more for me than the dogs! It is so difficult to get a good picture of her because of her beatiful - but dark - coat! ANyway this picture is of Kiah having a quick photo session after playing in the snow before charging around again!

I took lots of photos over the weekend of the dogs in the snow, agility, breed showing, which was great fun too - and everyone I said I would send photos to I promise I will do tomorrow!

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