Monday, 10 September 2012

My Dad

Almost two years on from losing my mum, sadly my dad passed away at just 63, no age at all, it was so sad and such a shock, and I can't believe it really.  Dad was really healthy in his life, more than most (well mostly!) and the only person I know that would swim as many lengths in the pool on his birthday as the age he was turning, a really great achievement.  He had battled leukaemia for quite a while, and was successfully in remission, and made it to our wedding in February.  That was great, absolutely loved having him there, this is one of my very favourite pictures which was taken there in the evening, of us two.

Dad loved it in Spain and had spent a lot of his young life there, working over in Gibraltar in his early 20's, so when he announced at the end of July that he was going on a 9 day holiday over in Southern Spain and to stay with a friend, no one was surprised and I hoped he had a good time, which I am certain he did.  On the day before he was due to come back home, he was taken ill into hospital in Spain, thankfully I was able to speak to him and typically just like dad, he said sorry to worry me so we had a bit of a laugh then!!  Sadly though, quite quickly he deteriorated, and though the doctors were trying everything to help, within a week his heart and organs gave up.  Basically it seems the leukaemia had come back with a real vengeance.  It was such a shock to us all and I'm so grateful for Alex's support, but I'm just so glad that Dad was enjoying himself and doing what he would have wanted, rather than suffering and hurting.

We had a lovely celebration of dad's life a week ago, where lots of friends, family and work colleagues attended, with donations to leukaemia research and some lovely flowers too.  A couple of dad's good and oldest friends said some lovely words and funny memories, which made us all smile.  I miss him, and mum too very much - I'm hoping that even though mum and dad had their differences, they are back together now, and watching down on us all, keeping us all safe.  Love you dad XXX

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