Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DIN 2012

Was a little bit subdued this year, due to the events of the previous week, but it was great to be surrounded by friends who care and understand and make you laugh. Thats why I love agility so much, and of course most importantly our agility friends so much, love them all - those at shows and those who are just at the other end of a phone or email or social site, they are a great support network and always know how to make you smile, even if you don't want to!!

I'm hoping that dad maybe had a hand in the weather forecast too while he is up there, as it was beautifully hot and sunny all week, from when we arrived early afternoon on the first day, right up until the last 'finals' day, thankfully a small slice of summer!!  All the dogs had a lovely time, Kiah got to play agility lots and lots, Davy got to do agility and sleep lots, Yahoo got to enjoy the sun in the garden, mooch gently around the rings and enjoy his knuckle bones, and little Risk got to play with his friends, most especially Tarka his girlfriend - a very pretty Hungarian Vizsla pup who is almost exactly the same age.

Both Kiah and Davy were competing this week, with the standard (and very chilled out!) two runs a day, though Kiah got to do a pairs run with a friend Jo, and her dog Kyte - a prick eared handsome black and white collie boy.  It was a great fun run, we never take it too seriously, and such a shame that unfortunately three jumps from having two clear rounds I got us spectacularly E'd after doing all the difficult bits.

Davy was a good boy in some of his runs, and did some excellent work, tackling all the eqiupment including the tyre and the flat tunnel and I think a wall too, which he hasn't seen much in training, so that was great and there were lots of positives.  He was however really struggling with the weaves this week, he did get a couple of 6 weaves completely, and Alex was really good at taking him back with the 12 where he was having issues - but I think the heat during the day was affecting sofa-dog-Davy, as some times there was very little effort being put in...

Kiah was really good over the whole week, I think there was only one run where we had to stop in the ring, have a 'calm down' chat and leave the ring - I don't drag her out at all, its just a calm walk out and chill - I do this for her safety and for my sanity, before she completely loses her mind!!  We had entered the ABC qualifiers for once, and our very first run in the qualifier we stayed calm and collected, and wow - so pleased with Kiah, a clear round and third place, with a lovely crystal trophy!!  I found out later in the week, that we had somehow successfully managed to qualify for the final on Sunday with our one placing, first time I have ever qualified, very exciting!!

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get another clear throughout the week, though we had some excellent work, a really good course set by Sara Bennett - we had two poles down which was a shame, but a brilliant weave entry, and a go round that was really difficult as it was surrounded by other jumps, that we mastered, so really pleased with that one.  The nicest course of the week was set by a judge Malcolm Jones, very well thought out, not 'gimmicky' but a real challenge, almost set like a final course, and very well set for its grade too. Unfortunately on that one we were going well, but it was a fast weave entry, and Kiah skidded on the scrubby dry ground and went 1-3, such a shame.

I was so proud of my princess for qualifying for the finals - even though when it came to the course we had a pole down, I was still so pleased as we had the second fastest time, so not disappointed at all!!  Overall, a truly lovely week for all six of us, really chilled out, great to enjoy the hot hot sun, and relaxing, in what has been a stressful few weeks - it was nice to get away and for Kiah to successfully win us a trophy was just an extra smile for me!!

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