Saturday, 9 July 2011

Time for Tuffley

This year I think confirmed my adoration for the show, and its venue, the amount of classes and qualifiers on offer, the ground, and this year one to be able to bring home one of their lovely rosettes - and more importantly the stunning trophy which was in the shape of a huge circular cut diamond, little Kiah was brilliant in our g6 jumping course on Saturday morning, getting an awesome 2nd place and a goody pack from CSJ, fab!!

In the late afternoon was our CSJ agility course, which I thought was a Kiah kind of course, containing some of our things we are good at, like obstacle discrimination to the weaves, and wrong end of tunnel. Unfortunately it all went horribly wrong - I specifically made sure Kiah was straight for the dog walk entry, but I think she overbalanced... she twisted and fell off, but must have caught my leg, and tripped me in the process so we both went flying!!! Bless him Alex ran in to make sure we were ok, which I am so grateful for, it could have been far worse. Most importantly, Kiah seemed fine but the force she must have hit the floor with makes me feel horribly sick, so I really wanted to get Kiah looked over that evening. After we got an announcement put out, a lovely kind and generous lady called Chris Clements offered her services, and spent nearly two hours of her time and osteopathy expertise treating Kiah, and even though I appreciated it, I think Kiah did too as she was so relaxed throughout, and it was great to see Kiah when she woke up the next morning, full of beans.

We took it very easy on the Sunday, and just did two basic agility courses including the dog walk - simply to make sure there were no bad memories for Kiah, I was never ever going to push her after what happened the day before. I would absolutely HATE it if something I am asking her to do, however much she enjoys it, knocks her confidence. So really - after a great result in the morning, then quite a lot of worrying in the evening, on Sunday it was the best feeling ever to see her smiley, teethy, annoying barky-bark, but still enjoying herself and most importantly happy confident Kiah pie!!

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