Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Toy!!

Next week, Alex and I will hopefully get to go and collect our new toy, a 1998 Lunar Ariva GT and we are very excited about it!! It is a 2 berth, but slightly smaller, narrower, and about 400kg lighter (better on fuel!!), with a side-end bathroom and shower, still a full size fridge, practically unused hob and oven.

Oh and as it is smaller we made sure that it has an awning with it so we can have a bit more overall space, so that will be the next challenge, putting that up on a test run... To be honest, as much as we love our existing one, which is also a Lunar, it is just that bit too big and wide for us especially for the small amount we use it over the course of a year. Soooo looking forward to picking up our new dog-palace, and one day I might be brave enough to tow it!!

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