Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Seasons Greetings!

So I hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas and is looking forward to a very happy new year, and hopefully a slightly happier and enjoyable 2011. It has been a lovely few days so far, having everyone to ours actually on the big day for the BIG roast dinner, it mostly went well with lots of turkey and gammon - apart from us managing to completely over cook the parsnips which turned to mush; not that I mind because they are horrible but the rest went quite successfully!! But aside from the food it was nice to be able to spend some quality time with both of our families and the dogs who were brilliantly behaved, and of course eat a little too much, and the dogs of course getting their own Christmas dinner and turkey spoilings too!

As is our tradition, I play 'Christmas elf' in the afternoon and hand out the presents to everyone before opening my own - its lovely to see everyone's faces as we do try to think carefully about what people would like present wise, and it was also lovely because I got spoiled again with loads of fab gifts. I think that my favourites this year have to be the Wii Fit Plus console from dad, plus games from friends, and my very own brand new Hurtta jacket, Silvia Trkman training dvd, and agility long jump - all from Alex, and quite a lot of other fabby things too.

The doggies have been extra specially well behaved for the last few days, with all the Christmas chaos, family visits, and the stupid icy pavements, so they have been getting shorter walks than they or we would like, so today and yesterday they have had the opposite. We decided to take a drive up to the local country park with all three doggies, and take them on a 2 hour trek where they had a brilliant time - especially the youngsters burning off loads of excess energy dashing around chasing each other. Its so much fun spending time with Alex and watching the dogs racing around in the left over snow and icy puddles, even better that there are hardly any other people about. We did the same today just took a slightly different route, its not just good for them - but it really tires us out too, so there will be another adventure tomorrow!!

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