Sunday, 19 December 2010

Accessorising the Van!

We have recently added another new rather large accessory to the van, in the form of new 2-up 2-down cages, of course they really are for the dogs' comfort and safety, and even though they get on well - the cages gives each of the doggies their own space, and they are perfect for travelling to agility shows in style!! It had taken us a while to find the perfect cages, as though every manufacturers' are very similar in construction, we found that Steve Tubb ( though not the nearest to us, was the most friendly, helpful and accommodating to what we were after. Rather than having the standard push latch with the key-lock, we sourced some number combi locks, and Steve constructed the cages with the lock integrated underneath the latch. That way we can lock the doggies in the van securely while we are at shows, and don't have to have a key which I always worry about losing - the cages are just perfect, and finish off the van quite nicely!

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