Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Catch Up Post - Bank Holiday Fun!

The bank holiday - and a lovely three day weekend just gone was full of fun with our usual annual trip to the agricultural show on both days, to take part in the agility demonstrations and raise money for charity, thankfully the weather stayed mostly dry - always a benefit as far more people attend so we raise more money. As always it was great fun, and the doggies had a great time, the Mali's really did take over the results though... On the first day of the mini competition within the demo, Rusty won it, Kiah was 3rd and little Tia excelled and came 4th!! Then on the second day which is a fast and furious relay - Rusty won the morning competition and Kiah won in the afternoon!! Bless them, they all had a great time - it was just a bit of light hearted fun and no pressure to finish off a good but tiring weekend.

Plus I've made a personal decision - the bank holiday was when I decided, I want to lose quite a lot of weight and get fitter - for general health reasons and to make sure I can give Kiah a run for her money... ok I'll never be that good - but to at least try to give it my best shot in the same way Kiah does for me, around the grade 6 & 7 courses that we're seeing now. So far I've lost 1kg which I'm pleased with... so onwards I go :)))

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