Monday, 20 September 2010

Burnham - Poor Kiah

I’d never been to this show before as I usually forget to enter shows in September for some reason – I think its because the closing dates are so far ahead, I can’t think that far in advance for a time that feels like its nearing the end of the show season already!! It was a nice quiet show (but one of the worst for very early barking dogs, grrr) held in pretty countryside but only an hour and a half from us so not a long haul trek to get there either.

The first day started well, albeit with a few mis-timed cues resulting in a good jumping run being E’d as it was the sort of course where you couldn’t let them go at all, and the minute I looked up to see where the jump was, it was too late! Then the first agility was a bit of a disaster, lazy handling and bad listening from Kiah making a bit of a mess of the course, but at least she got her weaves well from a difficult entry; and good contacts too.

Then on our last run of the day, must have mis-timed her launch onto the a-frame, hitting it flat on her knees and sliding back down, resulting in a deep graze in her leg right on the knee joint, poor Kiah, she tries so hard but she really splatted on to it. After checking her over and letting her take it steady around the rest of the course, we cleaned her up and she rested for the remainder of the day in her back on track coat. On Sunday she was bright as a button in the morning, and certainly wasn’t lame as I wouldn’t have run her at all, but I didn’t want her to think that she had been naughty in her last class of the day before as she had all that fuss after it! We took it steady in her jumping class – all the hard bits we did well then a push round turned into a pull in, oops! The agility I took even easier, I just didn’t want Kiah to have any negative feelings of any equipment after the previous day, so we went around and it was a nice flowing course, just two poles down, no nagging (well only Kiah yelling at me while getting impatient on her dog walk contact, see pic!) and Kiah and I both came out happy; that was enough for me so we finished on that high note for the weekend. Kiah seemed well and not stiff at all afterwards, she had a good night’s sleep, and some arnica and aloe vera, along with her vitamins and omega oils, but to be certain she was on full rest for the week just to make sure she’s completely ok.

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