Friday, 9 July 2010

Tuffley Show

Wow, I think Tuffley might have just taken over as one of the best and nicest shows I've ever been to, just stunning setting in the grounds of the castle, beautiful countryside, lovely places for all three dogs to walk, and even a river for Yahoo to swim in - his favourite thing EVER! He even got a new Hurtta harness which he loves, and will also be used as his water roller pulling harness too, he loves having a job. Davy also enjoyed his trip, with lots of extra fussing as we combined the weekend with a visit to Alex's mum and Colin, and brought my mum down for the trip too, I think we all had a lovely time, with nice warm weather - always helps!! Alex is getting loads better at taking photos with my camera too, consistently getting a good few decent in focus shots per show - its lovely to see Kiah in action!!

So back to Kiah's first G6 show, which was full of really interesting courses - challenging and in some cases a real step up from anything I'd come across before, one thing i noticed particularly was the obstacle discrimination, especially as Kiah has favourite pieces of equipment - weaves and contacts - that she will happily dart towards if there's a choice!

But overall some positive work, a few 'if only' rounds - marked on her dog walk UP contact in one, a brilliant weave entry so stupid me praises her and she comes out the second weave (d'oh), and a lazy mistake by me getting us E'd on the second obstacle!!! I was pleased with how we handled the courses, and even more pleased by the two clears we then achieved at such a big champ show! Our first was on a course I hadn't walked (where you really needed to!) but after going over and over it, we made it around - just, wasting loads of time - and though we were just out the places there were only 18 clear rounds so quite an achievement! The second was even better, our last run of the weekend a combined 6-7 agility, a lovely course but seriously spread out so though good for Kiah, not so good for me when there are over 220 dogs in the class, plus I have to keep up - and direct her - and with the big guns in g7. So when we went clear I never thought we would get 16th at her first G6, just under 3 seconds behind the winner, clever Kiah!!


Hooch n Troops said...

Fab photo of enjoy grade 6 ...remember when she was a baby! :)

ann said...

congrats to you, I've sen you do complicated things at training Grace so I know you can do it at a show . Keep up the good work. Fabulous photo!

Ann xx