Wednesday, 28 July 2010

In Dreamy Dream Land

...Kiah was snoozing - see picture of miss sleepy head chilling on the sofa! Today I've taken the day off work for a bit of a rest and to take Kiah to her 'Bowen' therapist Zoe over in Kent for some adjusting and a general all over check up to loosen her muscles. Bowen is an un-invasive and relaxing treatment, which involves lots of little specific adjustments and massage, nothing harsh at all and you can plainly see the advantages. I think its important to find a good practitioner as much as the treatment itself - and Zoe handles and gets to know the dogs brilliantly, Kiah loves being massaged anyway, and the extra bouncy spring in her step at the end of it, is clear to see! When we're back home too, Kiah always has a good deep sleep for a couple of hours, another surefire way of telling she's enjoyed herself.

So on this visit, Zoe found that Kiah was favouring one of her front legs slightly, and as usual a slightly tight neck and spine - its great to see the change in Kiah afterwards, but I'm certain this is down to her crazy agility attitude!! But as much treatment as I can get in for her, is a tiny price to pay to keep my champ in the best condition she can be for what she does for me every week! So for now, lots of rest, and lead walks for Kiah til agility at the weekend :))))

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