Sunday, 18 April 2010

Settling In Just Fine :)))

All 5 of us have been down at my mum's for the weekend, helping to celebrate and spoiling her for her late birthday weekend, and the sun shone really HOT so it made it even better as we spent both days in the garden. Kiah and Yahoo are used to coming down to mum's house and love staying over - most especially as they have such a huge garden to play in and lots of different walks - especially down at the sea front which has been lovely and hot for us but breezy for the dogs! Davy didn't take long to settle in too, after a quick 'skulk' around the house (probably sniffing out the cats even though they leave home for the weekend when we turn up!) he soon realised how much fun another house and garden was to play in too.

Yahoo is now getting a couple of shorter walks rather than longer more playful walks with the two youngsters as he is starting to show his 11 years-young, bless him, but as long as he gets a bit of fuss and spoiling, a mooch around, some treats and a bowl of food he's a happy boy. Kiah is however loving having a new and younger friend around to play with and 'beat up' properly, as this weekend shows, I think Davy is settling in just fine around here!!

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