Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Celebration Day 2

Another good day yesterday, a bitter wind and not quite so sunny but no huge downpour, however not so positive on the results front for me; with one very messy clear in agility and two eliminations - on silly things I knew about from watching others, and should have handled better. I do love running Kiah, whatever the outcome! Anyway I was still pleased with our clear, good contacts by Kiah, even though our time was a few seconds off the pace due to me having to 'save' the round twice from Kiah turning the wrong way over a jump and possible back jumping - its usually me that causes the elimination!

A couple more Well Dones!! to add to the list for today's great results - Nancy with Zeki, Karin with Indy, Vicky with Molly, and Nat with Kai - and anyone I've forgotten! Overall a really good and enjoyable weekend for me and for lots of others; am looking forward to the next one - that one step closer thanks to Monday's bank holiday making it a 4-day week yay!!

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