Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My 100th Post

I couldn't think of a post title to incorporate the couple of things that I'm going to write about, but I think its a bit of an achievement to have made it to 100 posts without getting bored :$ of my blog... but then again its all about my favourite thing - the world of dogs - so I guess I can see why hehe! Anyway our first news update is about the World Champs second selection day - we didn't qualify but I was pleased with our progress from the previous day, we still got E'd quite a lot (lol!) but Kiah and I did some awesome work together, great contacts, a bit of going on ahead on contacts, all weaves done perfectly and most importantly... NOT ONE POLE down over the whole day! I must however say a big well done to Dave and Rusty for once again showing how much of a different class they are in sweeping the board with a brilliant 8 out of 8, and also to give massive congratulations to Jo and Keisha for qualifying in third place - this was the very first time they had gone forward so watch out Germany, the Mallys are coming, very best of luck to the whole team!!

Our next post is about Crufts which we are off to with an early start tomorrow morning; even though its not our favourite sport of agility - we're looking forward to the whole experience, especially the shopping ;) and Kiah will be spoiled rotten as usual! Alex is coming up too - he hasn't been to Crufts before so I think he will definitely find it something to remember! Poor Kiah really doesn't have a lot of coat at the moment so we will see how she does, of course I always come back with the best doggie. Best of luck to all my friends that are competing at Crufts this year; in agility, flyball, breed showing and YKC, can't wait to hear about all your brilliant results!!!

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