Saturday, 6 March 2010

Crazy Weaver!!

We were at the first agility show of the season today just before the qualifier tomorrow, the sun shone down (woo, no rain!) it was lovely to catch up with so many friends that we hadn't seen in so long, and Kiah worked really well within the manic atmosphere of the show, a couple of poles down, but in the wider scheme of today with what we had to deal with in the courses, I was mega pleased with her. We even received a lovely compliment from one of the judges about her ability which was really nice - especially as it was the course that couldn't have been described as our best run of the day!

Today's post though is about her super-obstacle of the day, which has got to be the weaves which we had in two out of our three courses today. The first was an excellent weave entry - most people had helped their dogs out by doing a pull round but I wanted to try a quicker way so after letting her curve around the jump she found the entry and completed them perfectly. The second was in our jumping course (see picture, look at those crazy legs!!) was a very fast entry and weaves to 'nothing' which she did brilliantly too. Clever Ky-Pie :)

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