Saturday, 12 July 2008

Very Bad Blogger - Finally an Update!!

Thanks to my friends reminding me, I am finally updating this, I am sorry if you are all waiting to hear the next Kiah update!!! About 6 weeks or so (whoops!) have passed since my last post, and we are enjoying our summer of agility, playing and generally having fun.

Well what has little Kiah been up to. We have had a bit of a break from agility, only partly intentionally I might add, mainly cause I forgot to enter a load of shows!! I'm sure Kiah will forgive me one day for that little blip. So we have been spending time with our friends both dog and human, and to make sure my little athlete is still on top form, Kiah has been for a visit to the chiropractor just for a routine check up which she needed. In two of the magazines/newsletters I receive; Kiah has been mentioned, one article by the WBSDS for her winning out of G1 and another - the Agility Voice magazine with her name in as qualifying for her Agility Club final, always nice to see my little superstar in print - of sorts!

A couple of times we have met up with friends and been for nice woodland, park, field and forest walks too, sometimes with just Kiah, and other times with other dog friends (at one point we had 12 dogs!) which she adores running with and being chased around, and I love taking photos of too, it is great to see them all just having fun and being able to be a dog. This photo of my beautiful girl I took today, she really is in top physical condition and looking fab.

We have been to four agility shows all around the country - though not consecutively! At most shows we go to, we generally just have issues with handler errors!! However, the agility show we have had most recently, the weather was very drizzley and the grass was very short which made it very slippery under-foot and paw, had to be careful here as I didn't want to let Kiah get injured. At the end of the day, when I was almost ready to go home and get dry, I had one final class, which was G1 Jumping. With an early running order we ran about 6th in the class, Kiah was fab, and we went on to win the class!

Though Kiah has won out of Grade 1 we have not yet had a G2 class due to the timing and closing dates of the shows we have been at. Our first G2 is at the Newlands show next week-end so that should be good fun! In a couple of weeks we also have our Agility Club final, getting a little nervous about that, but I know I shouldn't as Kiah will pick up on it, so just going to try and look forward to a positive performance from her, and even more so from me!

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