Sunday, 21 November 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Recently we seem to have been up to so much since I last updated my blog, there hasn't been time for it all - though I feel guilty not updating it while reading what everyone else has been up to! Alex and I have even had some free weekends to have a major clear out of junk that we just weren't using, revamp one of our spare bedrooms and completely re-decorate the other. I wouldn't want to do it too often, can't live without our agility fix for too long in the winter!!

So the first thing to mention was that Kiah and I attended the first BSD world champs selection day, there were some brilliant challenging courses set by the judge Lee Gibson, but unfortunately Kiah was even more excitable than usual - and with that, and a combination of my nerves we didn't do very well! It wasn't all bad and we got some points on our last run, just a little frustrating when I know we can do better, but we will try even harder on the next one.

So in the spirit of things going wrong and on a really freezing cold day, the boiler decided to pack up! First it was the air flow sensor not working and stopping all heating and hot water, then once that was fixed, the thermostat went kaput and refused to turn the heating off, but fortunately the british gas agreement we have covered it all and it is now fixed! But not content with just that, my car broke down again - some would say luckily it was at a weekend so we could get it fixed. And they say things come in threes, so to add to that the lead flashings are coming away from the roof and the gutters have started leaking and soaking through the walls, so that is down to be fixed in the next couple of weeks. On that note - touch wood, fingers crossed, black cats crossing, lucky 4-leaf clovers, horseshoes and positive vibes later, everything is ok at the moment, and hopefully it stays that way................... Other than that in more positive news, we have finally bitten the bullet and purchased our own caravan ready for the new agility season, and the dogs are nicely modelling the sofas for us - which have of course been covered in fleece throws, in Kiah's colours no less!! It is a 1994 2 berth Lunar Chiron model with an L shaped seating area, and it suits us and the doggies perfectly. It seems to have been well kept by the previous owners and comes with accessories and an awning, and most importantly has an end bathroom - with a power shower, which was the necessity we wanted! We're (Alex especially, mr creature comfort himself!) looking forward to using it right from the start of next year, caravans are quite a bit more spacious and luxurious than tents!

On to more recent events, in the last few weeks the shops have gone absolutely Christmas mad and I saw a countdown today that said it was only 34 days away, that's barely a month to go! We are having everyone to our house for this Christmas day, the first year where it isn't with or at mum's but I will be making sure everyone will be raising a glass to her in celebration, and I hope that mum and granny will be looking down on us too. So this weekend we have been getting into the Christmas spirit just a little together; wrapping up warm, buying gifts and most importantly spending time together and choosing new lights and decorations to decorate the house and tree, gold is going to be our theme this year!

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Hooch n Troops said...

woofs modelling the caravan very nicely...i like the l shape lounge! soo much better than a tent!

have a good xmas