Monday, 4 October 2010

Bittersweet Norfolk

This was our last agility show of the season, always an enjoyable show situated in a lovely location in the countryside, just slightly sad, from what had happened the week before. I knew that mum wouldn't have wanted us to miss the agility, so Alex convinced me that we should go. Due to the October weather being a little 'debatable' especially up in that area of the country, and as a bit of luxury for Alex too as he always does so much for me, I try to arrange a nice B&B (dog friendly of course) for the weekend, and not too far away from the show ground as you don't want to be driving miles after a long day of agility. Well the place we stayed was just fabulous and only 10 minutes drive, a real old victorian style luxury, and certainly more worthy than the simple straightforward name of 'bed and breakfast'! The house was called Home Hall, and the owners couldn't do enough make our stay enjoyable, a wonderful room, lovely organic food, they even had their own slightly bonkers dalmatian which just added to the charm.

So back to the show, it was nice to be able to see everyone again and be treated normally rather than having people be awkward and fuss around, which was great. Our very first run of the weekend was the ABC qualifier for the semi final, and after getting over the silly nerves that I had (as the dog walk was in almost exactly the same place as last year when Kiah fell off and injured herself in the ABC) I had a quick chat with Kiah and asked her to help me out so we could do the run for mum, in memory of her, its the least I could do.
Well I think Kiah knew how important it was to me, my beautiful girl, and helped me out no end - and we won the class, by over two seconds!! I hope that mum was watching from above, and was proud of us. It was the first qualifier of the year so though we don't 'chase' them specifically, its lovely to know that Kiah has well and truly qualified, clever bear! The rest of the weekend was good - but not so spectacular results wise, with silly mistakes by me, one course that was just so silly, we took our own line and practised contacts, and a couple of poles in other classes, and a silly refusal caused by me in another which was a real 'if only' run, never mind.
Though we were very lucky with the warm and sunny weather this weekend (a real contrast to the bitter winds the year before) the days are really starting to turn, and the evenings are just so dark so early, its been a good year but a good time to stop with the shows! So I haven't entered any more kennel club or other types of show - and I'm not planning to for the rest of the year. So apart from our weekly training, the BSD WC selection days and a few specific training days - all of us but Kiah most importantly, can have a well earned, and definitely well deserved rest over the winter.

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Hooch n Troops said...

Well done Kiah and mum of course...brill to win the class and also to qualify for next year...nice when dogs listen to their owners! lol