Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wet Worthing

There's only one word that can describe today and that is very very wet! Me and the dogs (Alex was working, AGAIN, stupid shift work job) took a trip down to see my mum and spend a nice day with her chilling out - even Kiah gets to have a cheeky snuggle up on the sofa - and catching up as I hadn't seen her in a while and it was lovely... apart from the weather! Fortunately mum has a large garden so in the brief intervals when it stopped the doggies got to have a mad run around and I got to take a few pictures - Yahoo smiling and Kiah scowling as I point a camera in her face yet again! Kiah likes to play chase around the fruit trees and Yahoo likes to do his 'death rolls' on his squeaky toys so they both wore themselves out ready for lunch/jumbone time. In the late afternoon it did clear up a little so I took them both up to the seafront for a nice long proper run around which they both enjoyed and stayed fairly clean (bonus!), we've got two tired happy doggies this evening!

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