Wednesday, 6 January 2010

First Snow of 2010

And it really has been a proper snowfall, it has been unlike any amount of snow that I ever really remember seeing before apart from a vague recollection of sledging and hitting a tree when I was very young - and I'm 28 now, which is saying something...No comments please!! Though there are disadvantages, because unfortunately this country still isnt best prepared for extreme weather conditions, not just the travelling but also the getting back home once you have finally made it to the destination - so I really do feel for the emergency services who are doing a fab job, plus all of the people that may have had to travel for any length of time, it is just so scary and really dangerous.

Anyway back to last night... the snow started coming down in blizzard form about 8pm and was settling everywhere almost immediately, when we woke up this morning and looked outside I don't think it had stopped all night!! It certainly continued to settle when we took the dogs out at about 9.30pm (even though it looks like daylight in the photo, the sky was kinda creepy it was so light!) and didn't get back home til about 11pm, after a mad four-legged run around in the pristine white snow, and of course after making a HUGE snowman he was about 7ft - even taller than Alex so miles taller than me - Kiah looks tiny next to it (in her pretty Hurtta coat)!! We went for another long snowy walk this afternoon with the doggies, and apart from the snowman going on a diet I think someone had shaped his body a bit ;) he is still standing proud in the park.

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