Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Last Week's Holiday seems but a distant memory! I had booked a week off work, there was nothing specific planned, but it seemed to be quite productive. I managed to catch up with some friends, see my mum, go to the cinema and celebrate a birthday, a little bit of shopping, do lots of tidying up and catching up with paperwork around the house, and of course spend lots of time with Kiah.

The weather wasn't as spectacular as the heatwave we had the week before, but though I love the heat (while not at work!) in some ways it was better for Kiah being that bit cooler. It was lovely being able to take her on long walks during the day up in the forest park and golf course that entwines around it, meeting all sorts of people including another Malinois, Kiah wanted to go and say hello (she always recognises her own breed!?) but he was on a lead, I think he was probably a police dog. Kiah even played about in the lake fetching a small stick - as long as the water wasn't too deep - she likes to paddle but can't possibly go all the way in and swim ;)!! The picture was taken after Kiah had just had a game of "mad five minutes in the golf course sand bunkers" she always loves doing that and what sort of owner would I be, to deny such simple pleasures!!

I had no agility over the weekend just gone, but it wasn't so bad to have a weekend off, as I developed a sore throat, and hoping it wouldn't turn into anything worse I stayed in drinking lots of water, and taking some cold and flu remedies to try and ward it off. Touch wood I am feeling ok now, though still taking vitamins and eating lots of fruit and vegetables too! This Saturday coming Kiah and I are at a fairly local agility show, and it is our last weekend in Grade 3 so going to have fun and hoping to maybe get a couple of good rounds as a bonus. Fingers crossed for nice weather too!

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